About Doodle Bra®

DOODLE BRA® is in the lingerie, garment, and shoe wear business. We produce re-designable, personalized fashion garments for girls and ladies in worldwide markets.

The goal of DOODLE BRA® is to provide multipurpose products for girls and young women that inspires creativity, fun, and sharing of ideas while still being an affordable necessity.

Each person can design and create their own fashions over and over again for the price of a single item.

DOODLE BRA® creates positive responses entertaining and engaging young ladies and girls while meeting the needs of essential garments and providing a way for self expression at the same time.

The DOODLE BRA® allows the customer to maximize their spending power by receiving happiness and entertainment for the value of purchasing the necessary item alone.

The washable non-toxic markers provide the pleasure of redesigning the DOODLE BRA® products over and over again.

The DOODLE BRA® is about empowering young girls to be comfortable with their sexuality while still having fun and knowing it is “GREAT” to be girls.

The DOODLE BRA® provides parents a way to give their tween* girls and young women endless entertainment that is within budget and that entertainment still be an article of clothing that the girls’ need. It’s extremely economical while expressive and entertaining.

DOODLE BRA® comes in a “training bra” type called a “Cami” for young girls too.

Girls from today on will only know that when you start to become a young lady you get your first-

DOODLE BRA® Express Yourself and Have Fun!


Now the all new DOODLE BRA® has Brand New packaging and materials! The new box is a collectable, durable, and strong while being beautiful and functional with a 2 fold lid and window. The new non-toxic DOODLE BRA® washable markers also have a different stamp of a different color on the end of each marker allowing for more fun and designs. And the custom designer made comfortable fitting  DOODLE BRA® itself now comes tag less with the super soft rubberized label stamped inside the strap.
















Doodle Bra Express Yourself and Have Fun! ®

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